How To Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile In Intune MEM

Starting in Intune 2111 release, you can duplicate settings catalog profile in Intune or MEM portal. Let’s learn how to duplicate a profile or policy in Intune.

Intune Settings catalog lists all the settings you can configure, and all in one place. This feature simplifies how you create a policy, and how you see all the available settings.

The Settings Catalog gets often updated and Microsoft adds more settings with almost every new release of Intune. To stay updated with the latest Intune updates, refer to the Intune Service Updates page.

The duplicate profile feature in Intune will surely save a lot of time of Intune admins. Let’s look at the new feature where you can duplicate an existing policy in Intune.

What is Duplicate Policy Feature in Intune?

The duplicate policy feature creates a copy of an existing settings catalog profile in Intune. Duplicating a settings catalog profile is useful when you need a profile that’s similar yet distinct from the original one.

A duplicated catalog profile copy contains the same setting configurations and scope tags as the original profile, but doesn’t have assignments attached to it.

When you duplicate an existing settings catalog profile, you can assign a new profile name, you can edit it to adjust the settings and add assignments.

For example, you create a policy to block Edge browser extension using Intune. If you are asked to deploy a similar policy, you can duplicate this policy and edit the configuration settings and assign it to different groups.

Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile In Intune MEM

You can duplicate the settings catalog profile in Intune with the following steps.

  • Sign-in to Microsoft Endpoint Admin Center.
  • Go to Devices > Configuration profiles.
  • Right-click the settings catalog profile and select Duplicate.
  • Enter a new name for the policy, and optionally, a description and select Save.
Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile In Intune MEM
Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile In Intune MEM

When you duplicate a policy, you see a Duplicate Policy window and here you can enter the new name for the policy and description.

Note – Duplicating a policy creates a new and distinct policy containing the same settings and values as the original policy. Only the Assignments will not be copied.

Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile
Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile

Notice that the policy that we duplicated retains the settings from the original one. You can edit the Configuration Settings, modify and save it. Once the policy is ready, you can assign the policy to your groups via Assignments.

Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile
Duplicate Settings Catalog Profile

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